Executive Directors


Richard J. (Rick) Hardy                               John Hemingway

Professor of Political Science                           Associate Professor of RPTA

Interim Director Honors College                      Recreation, Parks and Tourism Department




Directors--WIU-Quad Cities Events


Gary Rowe                                                    Marcia Carter

Director of Development                                  Associate Professor of RPTA

WIU-Quad Cities                                            Quad Cities Honors Coordinator

309-762-3999 x62261                                                                   


Jeffrey L. Ash                                               Nancy Schaefer

Special Assistant and Graduate Student            Faculty Coordinator                                             Department of Sociology & Anthropology



Tammy Werner

Faculty Coordinator

Department of Sociology & Anthropology


Directors—WIU-Macomb Events


Aimee Shouse                                               Keith A. Boeckelman           

Professor and Chair                                         Professor and Interim Chair

Department of Women’s Studies                      Department of Political Science                            



Associate Directors


Jonathan Day                                                 Virginia Boynton                                          

Assistant Professor                                           Professor and Chair

Department of Political Science                         Department of History                                           



Deputy Directors


John F.  Wozniak                                          Casey LaFrance

Professor and Chair                                        Assistant Professor & Campaign Coordinator

Department of Sociology & Anthropology       Department of Political Science                          



Student Government Association (SGA) Leaders


Tucker C. Copi                                                         Chad Rosenow

SGA President of WIU-Macomb                                SGA President of WIU-QC                                           


Kelly E. Capre                                                           Cesar Salas

SGA Vice President of WIU-Macomb                         Director of Student Campaigns                                                            



Documents and Publication Services (DPS)


Laura Caldwell                                                         Shanee Sullivan

Publication Manager                                                   Graphic Designer



Website Design and Management


Jon Day                                                                      Caitlin Salmon

Assistant Professor – Web Director                              Graduate Student

Department of Political Science                                     Instructional Design & Technology                                                         Graphics Specialist, Honors College



Multi-Media Director


Paul Schlag

Assistant Professor

Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration


Special Administrative Assistants


Patty Battles                                                               Janell McGruder

Office Manager                                                             Office Support Specialist

Centennial Honors College                                            Centennial Honors College


Debbie Wiley                                                             Jennifer Hamlin

Office Manager                                                            Office Support Specialist

Department of Political Science                                    Department of Women’s Studies




Survey Research Directors


Jongho Lee                                                                David E. Rohall

Associate Professor                                                     Associate Professor    

Department of Political Science                                    Department of Sociology & Anthropology

Director of the Web-Based Survey                              Director, Western Survey Research Center


Brad Medlock

Graduate Assistant

Western Survey Research Center



Public Relations


Darcie Shinberger                                         Bonnie Barker

Director of University Relations                        Assistant Director of University Relations                       

309-298-1993                                                                                                  309-298-1993


Tami Seitz

WIU-QC Marketing Director

309-762-9481 X-62295




Logistical and Technical Support Staff


Ann T. Comerford                                        Ashley Katz

Director                                                           Facilities Manager—Events Scheduler

University Union                                              General Buildings Operation


Andrew G. Potter                                         Kirk D. Hare

Auditorium Technical Director                         Building Services Supervisor



Lance M. Johnson                                         Gayle R. Heller

Parking Services Agent                                     Space Administrator University Union


Kenneth W. Durkin                                      Mark D. Behymer

Professor, Crowd Management                       Assistant Auditorium and Technical Director

Law Enforcement & Justice Adm.                   Westec


Samuel Thompson                                        Thomas J. Blackford

Professor and Chair                                        Associate Professor

Cartography Assistance                                  Director of the “Math Squad”

Department of Geography                               Department of Mathematics


Donald Campbell

Professor of Mathematics



McDonough County League of Women Voters


Sharon Keeling                        Sara Boeckelman                     Mary Kubasack




Undergraduate Research Assistants


Matthew Rinker                                            Brady Childs

Political Science Major/Economics Minor         Political Science Major/History Minor

Burlington, Iowa                                               Bushnell, Illinois



Logistics Assistants


Justyn Miller                                                  Wayne Pierce                        

Graduate Student                                              Graduate Student




Democratic Party Organizers


Robert Flinn                                                  John Miller

President of the College Democrats                  Associate Professor                                           Department of Communication




Republican Party Organizers


Matt Bauer                                                    William D. Anderson

President of the College Republicans                 Professor of Political Science                              



Green Party Organizers


Staci Buster                                                    Peter Cole

President of the Campus Greens                       Associate Professor                                       Department of History


David Casagrande

Associate Professor

Department of Sociology & Anthropology                                                    



Libertarian Party Organizers


Timothy Muto                                                 Casey LaFrance

President of Young Americans for Liberty          Assistant Professor of Political Science                                  



Tea Party Organizers


Ralph Heissinger

Instructor and Academic Advisor

Department of History



Uncle Sam


Kenneth Mietus

Professor Emeritus

Department of Sociology




Journalism Supervisors


Bill Knight                                                                 Mark Mossman

Professor of Journalism                                               Professor and Chair

Newsroom Writing                                                     Department of English & Journalism                                        






Broadcasting Coordinators


Sharon A. Evans                                                       William (Buzz) Hoon

Interim Dean                                                               Interim Chair and Associate Professor

College of Fine Arts and Communication                     Department of Broadcasting                                         


Patrick Stout                                                              Thomas Durson

Broadcasting Advisor                                                   Chief Broadcast Engineer

Department of Broadcasting                                          Department of Broadcasting                                                


Samuel H. Edsall                                                       John R. Hitchcock

Professor of Broadcasting                                            Assistant Professor of Boadcasting                                          



Musical Organizers


Matt Thomas                                                             James Stegall

Associate Director of Bands                                         Director of Choral Activities

WIU Marching Band                                                    National Anthem Singers




Banner Singer Quartet Assignments for WIU Mock Elections


These students are all members of the Western Illinois University Singers, Dr. James Stegall, conductor.


Tuesday, October 25   Grand Ballroom

                   Soprano                        Alto                     Tenor                   Bass

5:30p          Megan Willis               Amy Bell            Will Barnhart    Robby Krajewski

8:00p          Melanie Huettman      Abby Landau    Josiah Ulm         James Christian Jr.


Thursday, October 27   Grand Ballroom

5:30p          Megan Willis               Emma Hartzell   Will Barnhart   Joel Kimberly

8:00p          Charice Rodgers         Hillary Pieper      Ying Wang         Robert Palmer


Tuesday, November 1   Grand Ballroom 

5:30p          Laura Dittmar            Brittany Vinson      Sam Essling            Jordan DePatis

8:00p          Elizabeth Peregrine    Samantha Heaton   Ben Harding           Dan Wessler


Thursday, November 3    5:30 – Heritage Room / 6:30 Lamoine Room / 7:30 Heritage Room

5:30p          Andrea Dunn              Barbi Brewer         Thomas Heise         Ethan Ivey

6:30p         Alison Huntley             Kelsey McGuire     Dan Schweizer       Dan Brakefield

7:30p         Alison Huntley             Staisha Dean          Doug Stewart         David Vrablic



Art Coordinators


Jan Clough                                                                Susan Czechowski

Professor of Art                                                          Professor of Art


Kappa Pi Art Students




Faculty Coordinators


MaCherie Placide                                                      John Simmons          

Department of Political Science                                     Department of Philosophy and Religion


Alphonso Simpson                                                      Elgin Mannion          

Department of African American Studies                        Department of Sociology


Chris Adamski-Mietus                                              Beate Wilson                         

Department of Sociology                                              Department of Sociology


Shana Porteen                                                           Diane Sandage

Department of Sociology                                              Department of Sociololgy


Oswald Werner                                                         Greg Hall

Department of Sociology                                              Department of History


Richard Gee                                                              Larry Balsamo

Department of Sociology                                              Department of History


Greg Baldi                                                                 Patrick McGinty

Department of Political Science                                    Department of Sociology


Davidson Bideshi                                                       David Zanola

Department of Sociology                                               Communication Department


Daniel Ogbaharya                                                     Thomas Williams                  

Department of Political Science                                     Geography Department


Chad Sperry

GIS Center Director



Graduate Assistants


Chad Ewing                            Carrie Carnaghi                       Chris Mansour

Robert Deveraux                    Tom Seida                                 Cody Diedrich  



Governmental Relations


David L. Steelman

Governmental Relations





Participating Faculty